Urban Informal Workers: Representative Voice & Economic Rights

8 October, 2012 | Martha Chen, Chris Bonner, Mahendra Chetty, Lucia Fernandez, Karin Pape, Federico Parra, Arbind Singh, Caroline Skinner | World Development Report 2013
The 2013 World Development Report recognizes and focuses on employment as the center of economic development. The purpose of this paper is to provide a summary analysis of five case studies prepared for the 2013 WDR team that illustrate why and how the representative voice and economic rights of urban informal workers should be promoted.

The Only School We Have Learning from Organizing Experiences Across the Informal Economy

10 August, 2012 | Christine Bonner and Dave Spooner | WIEGO
This handbook is a resource for those organizing informal workers in any sector, though it is based on the organizing experiences in (mainly) four groups: domestic workers, home-based workers, street/market vendors and waste pickers. It draws on the themes, ideas and information generated at the Organizing Workshop, together with additional background materials, case studies and analysis.

ILO: Effective Protection for Domestic Workers: A guide to designing labour laws

12 July, 2012 | ILO | ILO
This guide, published by ILO, is a practical tool for those involved in national legislative processes and in the design of labour laws, including government officials and representatives of workers’ and employers’ organizations.

Achieving decent work for domestic workers - An organizer's manual to promote ILO convention 189 and build domestic workers' power

22 May, 2012 | ILO ACTRAV | ILO ACTRAV
The adoption by the International Labour Conference, on 16 June 2011, of ILO Convention No. 189 and Recommendation No. 201 on decent work for domestic workers, was an historic step in the struggle for social justice worldwide. It was the culmination of several decades of domestic workers’ organizations and trade unions campaigning to end exclusion, and gain recognition for the rights of domestic workers.

TRABAJO ASALARIADO DEL HOGAR Análisis Comparativo del Convenio de la OIT y el Marco Normativo Nacional

1 May, 2012 | Rosario Baptista Canedo | FES - ILDIS
In this document, published by the Bolivian office of the foundation Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Rosario Baptista Canedo presents a Comparative analysis of ILO Convention 189 and the National Normative Market.

5th Annual ETUC 8 March Survey 2012

19 April, 2012 | ETUC, CES | ETUC, CES
As in previous years, the 8th of March survey investigates a topic which is relevant for female European workers. This year the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) women’s committee decided to have a specific section of the survey dedicated to domestic workers, following the adoption of ILO Convention 189 “Decent work for domestic workers” and Recommendation 201, in June 2011.

CHODAWU's analysis of the labour law in Tanzania

19 April, 2012 | CHODAWU | CHODAWU
CHODAWU's opinion regarding Convention 189 in respect of Decent Work for Domestic Workers vis-à-vis Tanzania Labour Legislation.  As observed in this analysis, there is reflection that labour laws in Tanzania fall short of explicit coverage of domestic workers and cater more for the other categories of workers. CHODAWU is therefore strongly advocating for the review and amendment of the laws as herein provided, and plug out the identified lacuna and secure equal treatment of workers without exclusion of domestic workers. To this end, CHODAWU further advocate for the ratification of the ILO Convention No. 189 regarding Decent Work for Domestic Workers.

Ai-jen Poo and Sarita Gupta on Workers’ Rights

19 April, 2012 | BillMoyers/Truth-out
Bill Moyers talks with Ai-jen Poo and Sarita Gupta about activism dedicated to restoring workers’ rights – rights they say have been stripped away by corporations. Domestic workers in particular, says Poo, are a “huge and growing part of the 99 percent.”

Derechos iguales para las trabajadoras del hogar en México

1 April, 2012 | The National Council for the Prevention of Discrimination | The National Council for the Prevention of Discrimination
Equal rights for domestic workers in Mexico

The National Council for the Prevention of Discrimination published a manual for domestic workers on the occasion of the International Day of Domestic Workers, 30 march 2012.

30 de Marzo. Día de las Trabajadoras del Hogar.

30 March, 2012 | CIMAC TV | CIMAC TV
Entrevista sobre la situación de las trabajadoras del hogar en América Latina y el Caribe con Marcelina Bautista Bautista y Lorenza Gutiérrez Gómez.
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