Domestic workers lowly paid in India on inequality: Jayati Ghosh, Economist

1 March, 2014 | The Economic Times | The Economic Times

Inequality is the cause of lower wages for domestic workers in India, and there is a need to ratify theILO Domestic Workers Convention to guarantee decent and secure work to them, Jayati Ghosh, Professor of Economics, JNU said today.

"Inequality in India permits lower wages for domestic work. No society can survive without massive contribution that domestic work makes to national income," Ghosh said while delivering UN lecture on 'The Invisible Workers: Rights, Justice and Dignity for Domestic Workers.'

She urged for India to ratify the ILO Domestic Workers Convention that guarantees the fundamental rights to domestic workers to decent and secure work.

UAE considering standardised contract for domestic workers

1 March, 2014 | The National staff | The National

The contract, to be introduced for the first time in the UAE, was drafted by a joint committee of the ministries of health, interior, economy and labour in collaboration with departments of economic development.

The Ministry of Economy has prepared a field study on the domestic help sector after receiving consumer complaints about delays bringing workers into the country, issues with hiring agencies and losing money paid to those agencies.

Foreign domestic workers across Asia rise up over exploitation

28 February, 2014 | Tania Branigan | The Guardian

Migrant workers across the continent are treated as second class citizens, but now women are organising and speaking out.

Yes, we did it! Domestic Workers Launch an International Federation

2 February, 2014 | Chris Bonner, Barbro Budin and Karin Pape | Global Labour Column

“Yes we did it!”, a statement that best captures the jubilant mood on the last day of the Founding Congress of the International Domestic Workers Federation (IDWF) in 2013. It is also the title of a new book launched at that Congress, which tells the story of how domestic workers organised to win the Domestic Workers Convention, C189, at the International Labour Conference (ILC) of the ILO on 16 June 2011.

Just over two years later, domestic workers have done it again. Another milestone has been achieved through the formation of a fully constituted, democratic federation of 48 membership-based domestic workers’ organisations representing around 300 000 domestic workers globally. This will ensure that the Convention is not forgotten, and that the struggle for “decent work for domestic workers’ continues in a coordinated and sustained manner.

India: NDWM appeals India government silence on abuse of Khobragade's domestic worker

20 December, 2013 | NDWM | NDWM

National Domestic Workers Movement has initiated series of actions to condemn the act of Indian government on the case of Khobagrade and demonstrate solidarity with the domestic worker. NDWM represented a protest meeting in Delhi. Some States have launched signature campaign. Here is an appeal note sent to the President, PM, UPA Chairpersson, Ministry of labour, Overseas, External Affair,Rahul  Gandhi and National Women’s commission and the media.

India: Forum Against Oppression of Women protests against treatment meted out to Richard and Khobragade

20 December, 2013 | Sujata Gothoskar | Forum Against Oppression of Women

The Forum Against Oppression of Women's statement protesting against the treatment meted out to Dr. Richard and Dr. Khobragade.

Hong Kong Petition to India Gov: Hold Khobragade Responsible

20 December, 2013 | IDWF

We express strong outrage at the Indian government's reaction to the case of visa fraud and exploitation of her domestic worker against Deputy Consul General Devyani Khobragade in the United States. In its dealing of the case, the Indian government is only seeking to protect the dignity and honour of Ms. Khobragade, and has shown a complete lack of respect for the underlying issue – that of the abuse and exploitation of a domestic worker by a senior official.

Khobragade's arrest: Petition letter to Prime Minister of India

20 December, 2013 | IDWF

IDWF together with 22 Hong Kong groups handed in letter to Dr. Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India, demanding for holding diplomats responsible and justice for domestic workers. An urgent action to support the domestic worker of Devayani Khobragade to seek justice.

Domestic Workers Deserve Protection: Hold Diplomats Like Khobragade to Account

18 December, 2013 | Tiffany Williams | Common Dreams

Last Tuesday, the Manhattan U.S. Attorney announced the arrest of Devyani Khobragade, a prominent Indian diplomat, for allegedly falsifying documents related to the domestic worker she employed through an A-3 visa, who has come forward with details about low pay and poor labor conditions at Khobragade’s home.

Declaración de la IDWF por el 18 de diciembre, Día Internacional de los Migrantes en 2013

18 December, 2013 | IDWF

Declaración de la IDWF por el 18 de diciembre, Día Internacional de los Migrantes en 2013

Hoy, las trabajadoras del hogar constituyen el grupo mayoritario entre todas las mujeres migrantes del mundo, y su número continúa creciendo. El 18 de diciembre, Día Internacional de los Migrantes, rendimos un especial tributo a las trabajadoras del hogar migrantes, que han hecho grandes sacrificios por el bien de sus familias y seres queridos, en pos de que sus hijos puedan ir a la escuela, los enfermos reciban tratamiento, las casas maltrechas sean reparadas, y así sucesivamente.
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