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South Africa approves ratification of C189

11 June, 2013 | IDWN | IDWN

South Africa approves ratification of C189! A message from Myrtle Witbooi, the IDWN Chair:

   Dear all,

   Nearly 2 years have gone by, after so many letters, emails, protest and marches, on Friday the 7th, our government approved the ratification of the Convention 189.  We are truly now workers like all other workers and our work is decent work!  Viva to our International Network and all those that supported us!

   In solidarity,
   Myrtle Witbooi, IDWN Chair

Uruguay First Country to Ratify C189

25 April, 2012 | ITUC 12-by-12-campaign | ITUC 12-by-12-campaign
Uruguay’s House of Representatives approved on 25 April 2012 the International Labour Convention No. 189 on decent work for domestic workers. The ratification will have a significant impact on domestic workers rights in Uruguay and worldwide: C189 comes into force once two countries have ratified it. In other words, we are getting very close to safeguarding C189 as an international instrument.

Costa Rica: A legislative dialogue on the ratification of C189

21 April, 2012

In view of her experience and affinity with subjects regarding gender equity and to the social area, legislator Alicia Fournier Vargas was summoned by the Presidency of the Legislative Assembly to participate in an appointment in the Congress, to set out her points of view and to interchange impressions with Mr. Virgilio Levaggi, subregional director of the International Labor Organization (ILO), around the Law Project of Approval of the Convention on Decent Work for Domestic Workers (Convention 189) analyzed under file 18335.

Between the most outstanding points of Convention 189, is the article 17 that anticipates the access of inspectors to the address or the familiar room, by including residences to work centers.

According to the ILO, this situation offers to Work Inspectors an important legal tool that makes possible to supervise the address of any person who engages domestic workers, in order to verify the labor conditions, including those of adolescent people who realize those workings.

“The subject is of great importance. For the workers it is necessary to guarantee all rights to them; in the particular case of the domestic service, we remember that the majority is women who often do not count on the law guarantees; but it is precise to also take into account the rights of the employer, that is why we are forced to study the subject to depth to evacuate any doubt and to have a clear position on the text of the Convention” indicated deputy Alicia Fournier.

On the individual, it is important to also remember Recommendation 201 of the ILO on decent work for the domestic workers, which accompanied the process of adoption of the international instrument number 189 although it has been clarified that those are nonbinding dispositions, that offer practical and useful orientation to put the obligations included in the international treaties in practice.

The meeting, in agreement with the declared by the ILO representatives, had as fundamental purpose to establish a debate within the competent legislative bodies and to foment the ratification of the international treaties.

For all the effects, the act of ratification of the international treaty, entails the opening of the nations to a supervision on the part of the control units of the ILO and to the commitment to guarantee the effective application of the approved international norm, through the implementation of legislation and national policies according to the international dispositions.

Read the article in Spanish language.


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