CACEH celebrating 14 years of work for domestic workers


CACEH, an IDWF affiliate, is celebrating its 14 years of work for organizing, promoting and defending the rights of domestic workers. Almost 100 domestic workers came to the 14th anniversary event of Caceh.

Mexico: Evaluation for Unpaid Work Home International Day July 22

22 July, 2014 | Centre for Support and Training for Household Employees (CACEH) | CACEH


Context on July 22

Under the International Domestic Workers Day, commemorated every July 22, the Centre for Support and Training for Household Employees (CACEH) called to assess this activity, social and public policy, since only in this way "the work of those engaged in paid domestic work is valued."

The commemoration of this day was established in 1983 during the Second Feminist Encuentro for Latin America and the Caribbean, held in Peru, with the aim of recognizing the contribution of women in households, which are often ignored.

The points discussed were: How do domestic work affects all aspects of women's lives and the opportunity to participate in the public sphere? and how the "domestic role" of women is evident in the work outside the home?

IDWF letter to Peru: End Modern-Day Slavery, Ratify the C189 Now

15 July, 2014 | IDWF | IDWF

The International Domestic Workers Federation is an international organization of domestic workers, with 48 affiliates in 40 countries.  They include FENTRAHOGARP, SINTRAHOGARP SINTTRAHOL, CCTH and IPROFOTH, 5 domestic workers trade unions and organizations in Peru.

We, together with other workers in trade unions and other allies were instrumental in the adoption of the ILO Convention 189 for domestic workers at the International Labour Conference in Geneva in 2011.  Since then, our campaign has continued to call on governments of the member-states of the ILO to ratify the C189 so that domestic workers everywhere will have real rights and protection.

Marcelina Bautista: We should promote C189's effective ratification, with implementation and compliance (Spanish only)

19 June, 2014 | Sabrina Díaz Virzi | Entremujeres | Clarin Digital

Hay más de 53 millones de trabajadoras y trabajadores del hogar en el mundo. La mayoría son mujeres que no cuentan con contrato, horarios, prestaciones o seguridad social. La mexicana Marcelina Bautista Bautista es una de las mayores luchadoras por los derechos de los empleados domésticos en la región. Entremujeres conversó con ella acerca del menosprecio social de esta actividad y de la importancia de la reglamentación de la Ley de Servicio Doméstico en Argentina.

Mexico: Commemorative Forum - 3 Years of the ILO Convention 189

18 June, 2014 | Marcelina Bautista | CACEH

Conmemorando 3r año de la firma del C189 de la OIT
1 Entrevista radio capital 21
2 Entrevista De Buenas tv Mexiquense
3 Foro Senado de la Republica, evento organizado en Conjunto con la FES  
4 Cartel Foro

Mexico: Require ratification of the C189

15 June, 2014 | Caceh Centro de Apoyo | Caceh Centro de Apoyo

Necesario la Ratificacion del Convenio 189 de la OIT.

16 de Junio, celebramos el 3er aniversario de la firma del Convenio 189, sobre trabajo decente/digno de la Organizacion Internacional del Trabajo. Mexico no ha hecho mas que anuncios para quedar bien cada vez que se le pregunta sobre este proceso. El 31 de Marzo estas fueron las palabras del Senor Secretario de Gobernacion “hay que resaltar la trascendencia del Convenio 189 adoptado por la Organizacion Internacional del Trabajo, el cual, a nombre del Presidente Enrique Pena Nieto, me comprometo enviar al Senado para su estudio y ratificacion.

IDWF's message to Peru government

14 June, 2014 | IDWF | Fish Ip

IDWF sends a message to the Peru government. Ratify C189!

International Domestic Workers' Day is celebrated on March 30 in Latin America

30 March, 2014 | IDWF

Activities report (in Spanish) from Latin America on the International Domestic Workers' Day.

Domestic Workers Workshop, Lima, Peru, March 28-30

30 March, 2014 | IDWF

40 domestic workers from various regions in Peru met in Lima for three days to discuss the challenges domestic workers face in exercising their rights. The problems of migrant domestic workers were highlighted, especially those resulting from the mal-practices of private employment agencies. They were joined by representatives of domestic workers organizations from some countries in the Andean region: Bolivia, Colombia and Ecuador. They exchanged experiences about their respective C189 Ratification Campaigns. At the end of the two day meeting, a joint letter was adopted that is to be sent to the Minister of Labour in Peru calling for immediate ratification of C189. Ms Ana Jara, the Minister of Labour, came to address the participants on March 30.

For the Ratification of the C189 in Chile

28 March, 2014 | IDWF | SINTRACAP

As part of the commemoration of the International Day of Household Workers , the National Coordinator of Organization Household Workers walk summons "for the ratification of the Convention 189 ILO in Chile".

President Michelle Bachelet promised in its program of government ratification of the Convention 189 of the ILO in Chile, offering specific protection to women workers and domestic workers. It establishes rights and basic principles, and requires States to take a series of measures with the aim of making decent work a reality for them and they. The Convention could be implemented through extension or adaptation of existing laws, regulations or other measures or through the development of new specific initiatives for domestic workers.
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