USA: Domestic Workers' Champ Envisions Win-Win Future

8 August, 2014 | Elizabeth Kuhr | Women News

In July, Massachusetts became the fourth state after New York, California and Hawaii to pass a home care workers' bill of rights, which requires such things as unemployment insurance and overtime for workers.

That's all great news to the National Domestic Workers Alliance, a network of nannies, housekeepers and caretakers of elderly people that has been working since 2007 to advance public awareness of the important role these workers play in society and to advocate for better work conditions.

In two question-and-answer sessions in late July with Women's eNews, Ai-jen Poo, the group's director, talked about the current state of caregiver work and the network's efforts.

Victory in Massachusetts! Send some love right now!

3 July, 2014 | National Domestic Workers Alliance | National Domestic Workers Alliance

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has signed the Massachusetts Domestic Workers Bill of Rights into law!

Click here to send this congratulatory postcard to the domestic workers in Massachusetts who organized to make this beautiful victory possible.

NDWA: Statement on the Harris vs. Quinn Supreme Court Case Decision

30 June, 2014 | Andrea Cristina Mercado | National Domestic Workers Alliance

On Monday, June 30, 2014, the Supreme Court made a decision that threatens the fundamental right of state-funded home care workers in Illinois to make progress towards living wage jobs. The organization of home care workers has occurred over the last 30 years, by workers who diligently organized to find a pathway out of poverty toward meaningful economic opportunity. As an undervalued, under-recognized workforce, their access to wages that lift them above the poverty line and access to critical workforce training and career ladders has been a result of organizing and working together.

USA: Send California Governor a postcard urging him to support people with disabilities, seniors, homecare workers

21 May, 2014 | NDWA | NDWA

Send California Governor Jerry Brown a postcard urging him to support people with disabilities, seniors, homecare workers and their families!

58% of California’s domestic workers spend more than half their income on rent; 23% don’t have adequate food to eat during the month. Too many care workers – including In-Home Supportive Services workers in California – live paycheck to paycheck.

Right now, Governor Brown is threatening to make cuts to to the state budget that will make it even harder for homecare workers to make ends meet. Governor Brown should invest in homecare workers, people with disabilities, and seniors NOT in cuts to vital services.

USA: Domestic Workers' Bill of Rights Passes Massachusetts Senate

8 May, 2014 | NDWA | NDWA

Today the state Senate passed the Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights 39-0 with clear bi-partisan support, moving one step closer to becoming a law that ensures workers have basic labor protections such as clarity on what constitutes working time, freedom from sexual harassment, and protection from the abuses of trafficking and from retaliation for asserting wage violations.

Domestic Workers make all other work possible --- that has been the rallying cry for hundreds of members of the MA Coalition for Domestic Workers as they have organized tirelessly to ensure dignity and respect for Massachusetts’ nannies, house cleaners and care workers.

Support domestic worker dignity in Illinois: Sign the petition for the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights!

21 March, 2014 | National Domestic Workers Alliance | National Domestic Workers Alliance

It’s been a big month for domestic workers all over the country in the United States -- will you help make it even bigger?

Today, domestic workers from all over Illinois are heading to Springfield for a lobby day in support of the Illinois Domestic Workers Bill of Rights and they need our support.

Click here to sign the petition to win dignity, respect and labor protections for domestic workers in Illinois.  And don’t worry if you don’t live in Illinois, your support counts no matter where you’re from!

Khobragade's Arrest: Hold diplomats accountable. Justice for domestic workers

31 December, 2013 | IDWF

The International Domestic Worker Federation call for your urgent actions to support Sangeeta Richard, a domestic worker of Indian diplomat in the USA Dr. Devyani Khobragade.  IDWF, together with our affiliate, the NDWA in the US, want to claim justice for the domestic worker.

Tell Governor Brown & State Legislature: It's Time for a Domestic Workers Bill of Rights

30 March, 2013 | NDWA | NDWA


Hundreds of domestic workers in California are kicking off their Domestic Workers Bill of Rights Campaign in Los Angeles.

Domestic workers from across California have one message today: domestic workers care for the families and homes of California with respect; it’s time for California to take care of its domestic workers so they can provide for their own families.

Take action to pass the California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights in 2013!

Click here to sign the petition in support of these courageous women and the Bill of Rights today.

Tell Governor Brown to Clean Up His Act

31 December, 2012 | NDWA | NDWA

On Sunday, September 30, Governor Jerry Brown vetoed the California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights. Governor Brown had the opportunity to help lead the nation towards progress and equality for our growing, vital workforce of women. Instead, he chose to set us all back.

Join us in telling Governor Brown that you can veto a bill, but you can't veto a movement.

Support California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights - Sign the Petition TODAY!

30 September, 2012 | NDWA | NDWA

For 74 years, domestic workers have been denied the basic labor protections most workers take for granted in our country.  Generations ago, when the Fair Labor Standards Act was passed guaranteeing American workers the right to minimum wage, overtime and a day of rest each week, domestic workers were excluded from those basic protections. At the time, domestic work wasn’t considered “real work”.

Today, we know that domestic work is real work — from New York to California, we know it’s the work that makes all other work possible.  It’s time to put an end to 74 years of exclusion and extend dignity, respect, and basic labor protections to domestic workers across the nation.

We are now on the verge of passing a domestic workers bill.
Please support and sign the petition.
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