Guinea: SYNEM press conference on disaffiliating from the trade union national centre, CNTG

13 August, 2014 | Asmaou Bah & IDWF | Asmaou Bah

SYNEM (formerlly called SYNTRAD), the domestic workers union in Guinea, an affiliate of the IDWF recently disaffiliated from the trade union national centre, CNTG and affiliated to the other centre, the ONSLG in the country.  On August 13, Asmaou Bah the General Secretary of SYNEM told the whole story at an press conference.

Asmaou is a member (alternate) of the IDWF Executive Committee and the Chair of the African Federation of Domestic Workers Network.  She founded the first domestic workers union in Guinea in 2010 and since then has been leading her union to fight for the ratification of the C189 in Guinea among other things.  We have been shocked to learn of the recent move of CNTG to block the ratification process in the government solely because SYNEM is no longer its affiliate.

South Africa domestic workers encouraged to join union

27 July, 2014 | SABC | SABC

Domestic workers have been encouraged to join the South African Domestic Service and Allied Workers Union (SADSAWU).

This has emerged at the Limpopo domestic workers' symposium in Polokwane.

Its main focus was to empower the workers by making them aware of their rights.

Congrès du SY.N.E.M-Guinée

13 July, 2014 | SY.N.E.M-Guinée | SY.N.E.M-Guinée

Congress of the National Union of Domestic Employees at the Novotel Ghi Conakry Hotel on July 13, 2014.

Ghana DWs call on government to ratify C189

16 June, 2014 | Adwoa Sakyi | Adwoa Sakyi

The Ghana government has been called upon to ratify ILO Convention 189 (2011) as early as possible to make those in the sector enjoy equal rights as other workers.

The IUF Africa Regional Women’s Project Coordinator, Adwoa Sakyi made the call at this year’s commemoration of International Domestic Workers (IDW) day in Accra.

Sister Adwoa noted that in spite of commitments to ratify the convention since 2011, Ghana is yet to ratify it. She however, gave the encouragement that the story would be different this year because in his 2014 state of the nation address, the President of Ghana disclosed that the Gender, Children and Social Protection Ministry has initiated the process for the validation of the Domestic Workers Regulation. This could lead to the final ratification.

South Africa - SADSAWU celebrates C189

16 June, 2014 | SADSAWU | Saliem Patel

SADSAWU celebrates C189. Domestic work is work! Workers Rights for all domestic workers!

South Africa: Will results of DOL domestic worker Wage Review again fail to hit the mark?

4 June, 2014 | SADSAWU | COSATU

Press Statement

SADSAWU welcomes the latest review of the minimum wage for Domestic workers.

However, we would like to bring to the attention of the Minister of Labour that many wage reviews were conducted over the last ten years and not once was the workers’ input fairly considered.

SADSAWU continues to call for a “Decent wage for Decent work” for all domestic workers!

Zambia Domestic Workers' workshop by IDWF

25 May, 2014 | IDWF | IDWF

Domestic Workers' workshop by IDWF.

SINED union in Mozambique on May Day

1 May, 2014 | IDWF | SINED

SINED union in Mozambique marching during the May day. Main theme was campaign for ratification of C189.

Aubrey radio talk with Myrtle Witbooi, General Secretary of SADSAWU

3 April, 2014 | Aubrey Masango | Radio 702

Myrtle Witbooi, Secretary General of SADSAWU (South Africa Domestic Service and Allied Workers Union) talked to the radio host Aubrey Masango on April 3 about the lived experience of domestic workers. Mrytle spoke about some of the things that these women and men have to endure and how they can go about understanding their rights better and managing power disparities.

CIAWU became an IUF affiliate

31 March, 2014 | IDWF

The Commercial, Industrial and Allied Workers Union (CIAWU) in Malawi became an IUF affiliate after the IUF Administrative Committee approved its application in March 2014. The CIAWU is an IDWF affiliate with 535 members.
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