IDWF - Winner of Jaap Kruithof Award, Belgium

21 July, 2014 | Pia Stalparet | Pia Stalparet

The IDWF received the Jaap Kruithof Award in Belgium this year. It is a prize that is granted to a person or an organization that challenges the social order, and makes changes through actions. The IDWF was represented by Pia Stalparet, the President of the ACV-CSC Service Union in Belgium, an affiliate of the IDWF, at the award-receiving ceremony on July 21, 2014.

IDWF & IUF letter to Francois Holland: Human rights and trade union rights in Qatar

1 July, 2014 | IDWF & IUF | IDWF & IUF

On July 1, the IDWF joined the IUF in a letter to Francois Holland, the President of France to "draw his attention to the commitment of the French Republic with regard to respect for human rights and the fundamental conventions of the ILO and the United Nations by all Member States of these organizations, including Qatar. "

We are concerned that in the recent visit of the Emir of Qatar to France, the President merely talked about sale of military tools, ignoring the appalling record of human rights violations of migrant workers, including domestic workers in Qatar.

IDWF support women workers in Ukraine

19 June, 2014 | IDWF | IDWF

The Executive Committee of the International Domestic Workers' Federation, IDWF, held its first meeting following their founding Congress on June 11 at the IUF secretariat in Geneva.

The meeting was preceded by a planning workshop with EC members and the regional coordinators. Some of the IDWF representatives participated in the ILO discussions on "Transitioning from the informal to the formal Economy" and "Strengthening action to end forced labour" respectively.

The IDWF EC expressed its solidarity with the Women's Committee of the Agro-industrial workers union in Ukraine in its continued struggle for women workers' rights and a democratic and peaceful development in the country.

Justice for Domestic workers in UK: No to slavery - Send your message to prime minister David Cameron

21 May, 2014 | Unite the Union | Unite the Union

Sign the petition and send your message to prime minister David Cameron to raise serious concerns at the removal of the basic rights of migrant domestic workers by the coalition government and the introduction of a visa which "ties" them to their employer. This change has enslaved migrant domestic workers. If they flee abuse and exploitation, their tied status means they have no redress.

IDWF Statement: No tied-visa system in the UK – Respect and Rights for domestic workers!

6 April, 2014 | IDWF | IDWF

On April 6 2014, we join domestic workers in the UK in commemorating a very sad anniversary: two years earlier, on 6 April 2012, the British Government re-introduced a visa-system, which ties a migrant domestic worker to her/his employer.

This is linkened to the situation of domestic workers in the Arab States of the Persian Gulf. Every day, we receive terrible news from that region on the exploitative conditions of domestic workers, including physical and sexual abuse and even torture, sometimes leading to the death of a worker. Under no circumstances these conditions can be justified. The only solution to stop exploitative employers is to end such a visa system and to replace it by a rights-based system for the workers, which is enforced by state authorities.

Switzerland: Milestone for more protection and quality in the private caregiving

3 April, 2014 | Karin Pape | Karin Pape

We congratulate our Swiss affiliate UNIA, which has reached an agreement with an employers' association ("Zu Hause leben" - to live at home) on a collective agreement for care domestic workers in Switzerland. The minimum wage is CHF 22,--/per hour for unskilled workers. Working time and rest time is regulated as also compensation for on call-time and travel between different households.

IMWU Netherlands' invitation to the Pasar Malam

25 March, 2014 | IDWF | IMWU Netherlands

IMWU ‪Netherlands‬ (Indonesian Migrant Workers Union, Netherlands) is inviting everyone to the Pasar Malam which will be held on March 29 in ‪Amsterdam‬.

IMWU NL will be there to meet you all!!

Solidarity Action with the Cleaners and Domestic Workers in The Netherlands

20 February, 2012 | Elizabeth Tang | IDWN


Utrecht – In The Netherlands the domestic workers are also part of the cleaners industry. At the moment they are walking together with the cleaners in the streets for a new collective agreement. They are also covered by it, but only domestic workers under agencies, this time they want to cover also domestic workers under individual employers which is the majority in The Netherlands, Rebeca Pabon reports. Their demands are:

  1. To be fully recognized as workers: In The Netherlands domestic workers are perceived as freelancers without right to access social security like pensions, sick or vacations days.
  2. Ratification of the Convention 189: So far, with the participation in the strike and in the union, domestic workers have been recognized as workers by the national cleaning employers association. Therefore, they are included in the collective agreement. However, they want the ratification of the convention in order to fully change the law and win full workers rights.
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