Cambodian Domestic Worker Network (IDEA-CDWN) workshop for new members

17 August, 2014 | CDWN | CDWN

On Aug 17 2014, Cambodian Domestic Worker Network (IDEA-CDWN) organize workshop on Trade union Rights and ILO Convention 189 for new members.

There are 6 domestic workers for foreigners employers and the other work for Cambodian employers.

FADWU meeting with Hong Kong Labor Department about wages increase

14 August, 2014 | FADWU | Phobsuk Gasing

On Aug 14, representatives of FADWU meeting with Hong Kong Labor Department about wages increase. FADWU's demand:

1. Increase the minimum allowable wages to HKD $4,500
2. Increase the amount of monthly food allowance to HKD $1,600
3. Include Migrant Domestic Workers in the coverage of the Minimum Wage Ordinance

Sri Lanka: South Asia Domestic Workers' Workshop

29 June, 2014 | Fish Ip | Fish Ip

27-29 Jun 2014, Strategizing for domestic workers in South Asia: wage campaign and organizing, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Jointly organized by IDWF and Solidarity Centre.

India: POST CARD campaign to the Prime Minister

16 June, 2014 | Jharkhand Gharelu Kamgar Union/NDWM | Jharkhand Gharelu Kamgar Union/NDWM

Jharkhand Gharelu Kamgar Union/NDWM: Newspaper cutting of International Domestic Workers day program in Ranchi, Jharkhand. The POST CARD campaign to the Prime Minister for the Ratification of ILO Convention 189 and a National Comprehensive legislation for Domestic Workers besides call for implementing the Social Security Schemes were the top priorities on 16th June.

Bangladesh: NDWWU week long celebrating program of International Domestic Workers' Day

16 June, 2014 | NDWWU | NDWWU

Report on week long celebrating program of International Domestic Workers Day

National Domestic Women Workers Union NDWWU along with Domestic Workers Rights Network DWRN and Bangladesh Labour Rights Forum BLRF celebrate the International Domestic Workers day in deferent manner. The three organizations jointly organized a week long program for celebrating the remark day.

Nepal Independent Domestic Workers Union demands for workers' rights

16 June, 2014 | Sonu Danuwar Chaudhary | Sonu Danuwar Chaudhary

In total 15 demands were submitted today and some of those demands are listed below:
1. Rectification of ILO Convention 189
2. Legalizing the Domestic Workers and providing each of them with an unique ID
3. Minimum wage of Domestic workers to be fixed beforehand
4. Weekly holiday to be given
5. A proper written deal to be made between the domestic worker and the employer

Domestic Workers in Korea ask the government to ratify C189

16 June, 2014 | Oksoon Cheong | IUF Korea

National Household Managers' Coop (NHMC, affiliated to IDWF) together with Korean Working Women Association (KWWA) took an event to commemorate the 3nd anniversary of C189 and to demand the Korean gov't to ratify it and recognize domestic workers as rights by revising labor standard law.

FADWU Hong Kong Domestic Workers celebrate the anniversary of C189

15 June, 2014 | FADWU | FADWU

16th June 2011 is the day for Domestic Workers! FADWU had held activity on Mong Kok Pedestrian Street on today, 15 June. We celebrated third anniversary of the C189 (ILO Convention 189: Domestic Workers Convention) which state Domestic Workers are Workers!

SEWA: 700 domestic workers joined the joint rally

15 June, 2014 | SEWA Kerela | SEWA Kerela

Almost 1,000 domestic workers joined IDWD actions. In Thiruvananthapuram, the state capital of Kerela in India, 700 domestic workers joined the rally jointly organized by SEWA and Kerela Domestic Workers Union. They marched to Kerala Legislative Assembly. State opposition party leader inaugurated the assembly march. In Northern Kerela, around 250 domestic workers from SEWA attended a convention to aware the DW's about ILO convention and explain the need to frame a state law for Domestic workers. The District Convention inaugurated by MP.

Domestic Workers are Workers! Cambodian Government must ratify C189 Now!

15 June, 2014 | Cdwn Cambodia | Cdwn Cambodia & IDEA

On 15th June, 2014 Cambodian Domestic worker Network(IDEA -CDWN) conduct meeting with activists to preparing International Domestic Worker Day (16th June 2014) and we distribute the leaflets, fans and statement to the house owners and public. Tomorrow we will gathering in front of Ministry of Labor to submit the petition and demand for ratifying ILO C.189, minimum wage, one day off and to stop exploitation on DW.
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