USA: Domestic Workers' Bill of Rights Passes Massachusetts Senate

8 May, 2014 | NDWA | NDWA

Today the state Senate passed the Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights 39-0 with clear bi-partisan support, moving one step closer to becoming a law that ensures workers have basic labor protections such as clarity on what constitutes working time, freedom from sexual harassment, and protection from the abuses of trafficking and from retaliation for asserting wage violations.

Domestic Workers make all other work possible --- that has been the rallying cry for hundreds of members of the MA Coalition for Domestic Workers as they have organized tirelessly to ensure dignity and respect for Massachusetts’ nannies, house cleaners and care workers.

Call on your government to support a Protocol to the Forced Labour Convention

6 May, 2014 | time2act. & ITUCCSI | time2act. & ITUCCSI

Millions of workers are in forced labour and human trafficking. Today's slave trade generates billions of dollars in profits annually. We are all complicit through the goods and services we buy every day.

The workers need stronger prevention measures, increased protection and effective compensation.

In June 2014, 185 countries will meet at the International Labour Conference in Geneva to update the international law to protect everyone from forced labour.

Call on your government to support a Protocol to the Forced Labour Convention.

Trinidad & Tobago: NUDE calls for meeting with the Minister of Labour

2 May, 2014 | Gerry Kangalee | National Workers Union

The following letter was delivered to the Minister of Labour, Errol McLeod, by Ida Le Blanc, General Secretary of the National Union of Domestic Employees (NUDE) on May Day 2014, during the picket of the office of the Minister Of Labour organized by the National Workers Union.

SINED union in Mozambique on May Day

1 May, 2014 | IDWF | SINED

SINED union in Mozambique marching during the May day. Main theme was campaign for ratification of C189.

ASTRADOMES in Costa Rica march on the May Day

1 May, 2014 | IDWF | Carmen Cruz

IDWF affiliate, ASTRADOMES from Costa Rica, in the 2014 May Day march.

Thailand Domestic Workers: Domestic Workers are workers! Decent Work for ALL!


Domestic Workers are workers! Decent Work for ALL!

Our affiliate, Network of Thai Domestic Workers, they are calling for the ratification of C189 on the International Workers' Day!

Hong Kong Domestic Workers ask for change on the May Day

1 May, 2014 | IDWF | IDWF

Domestic Workers in Hong Kong ask for change on the International Workers' Day. Check out what they are trying to say!

IDWF Visioning Event: Building a Community of Practice on Domestic Work

29 April, 2014 | Meredith McBride | IDWF

In Hong Kong from April 27-29, the International Domestic Workers Federation and the ILO hosted a Visioning Event for the IDWF affiliates in Asia.   Representing 14 different countries, the group discussed the latest issues in the countries they came from in order to build a foundation of knowledge for the domestic worker’s communication network. When launched this year, it will help domestic workers share ideas and materials and connect with one another around the world. At the workshop, domestic workers discussed issues concerning domestic workers in Asia and share ideas on what a domestic workers communication network might look like. The group identified universal problem areas, shared ideas and best practices, and set goals for the coming year in order to build a functioning communication network which would be a mobile office of the IDWF for domestic workers.

Over 100,000 Call on Hong Kong Government to Act to Protect Migrant Domestic Workers

27 April, 2014 | Amnesty International Hong Kong | Amnesty International Hong Kong

Organized by Amnesty International, Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions, International Domestic Workers Federation and Walk Free, an international petition with over 100,000 signatures was delivered on April 27 to the Government of Hong Kong calling for an end to the exploitation of migrant domestic workers. The petition, coming just days before the start of the high profile trial of Erwiana Sulistyaningsih’s employer was signed by 103,307 individuals from over 160 countries.

FADWU statement: Hong Kong Immigration takes away worker's means of living

20 April, 2014 | Hong Kong Federation of Asian Domestic Workers Unions | FADWU

Since last August, Immigration Department has put forward strong measure against “job-hopping” of foreign domestic workers, denying issuance of working visa to the “job-hopping suspects”. Until now, over 170 foreign domestic workers’ working permits were rejected. Immigration, however, is abusing its power of granting visa, treating “job-hopping” suspects as criminals, taking their rights to work without explanation. It is nothing but discrimination.

We would like to reiterate our former statement here that, forbidding foreign domestic workers from changing employers would only result in a situation which the foreign domestic workers have to tolerate all the exploitations due to the fear of contract termination. There is a wide range of reasons for termination of contract for both employers and employees. Some domestic workers quit due to the fact that they were being exploited, for instance no reasonable living arrangement was given by the employers. As the situation that Rex encountered, was the problem of unreasonable working requirement and long working hour. Facing the circumstances as such, it is natural for the workers to consider quitting the job and changing an employer.
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