IDWF - Winner of Jaap Kruithof Award, Belgium

21 July, 2014 | Pia Stalparet | Pia Stalparet

The IDWF received the Jaap Kruithof Award in Belgium this year. It is a prize that is granted to a person or an organization that challenges the social order, and makes changes through actions. The IDWF was represented by Pia Stalparet, the President of the ACV-CSC Service Union in Belgium, an affiliate of the IDWF, at the award-receiving ceremony on July 21, 2014.

IDWF letter to Peru: End Modern-Day Slavery, Ratify the C189 Now

15 July, 2014 | IDWF | IDWF

The International Domestic Workers Federation is an international organization of domestic workers, with 48 affiliates in 40 countries.  They include FENTRAHOGARP, SINTRAHOGARP SINTTRAHOL, CCTH and IPROFOTH, 5 domestic workers trade unions and organizations in Peru.

We, together with other workers in trade unions and other allies were instrumental in the adoption of the ILO Convention 189 for domestic workers at the International Labour Conference in Geneva in 2011.  Since then, our campaign has continued to call on governments of the member-states of the ILO to ratify the C189 so that domestic workers everywhere will have real rights and protection.

Congrès du SY.N.E.M-Guinée

13 July, 2014 | SY.N.E.M-Guinée | SY.N.E.M-Guinée

Congress of the National Union of Domestic Employees at the Novotel Ghi Conakry Hotel on July 13, 2014.

Victory in Massachusetts! Send some love right now!

3 July, 2014 | National Domestic Workers Alliance | National Domestic Workers Alliance

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has signed the Massachusetts Domestic Workers Bill of Rights into law!

Click here to send this congratulatory postcard to the domestic workers in Massachusetts who organized to make this beautiful victory possible.

IDWF & IUF letter to Francois Holland: Human rights and trade union rights in Qatar

1 July, 2014 | IDWF & IUF | IDWF & IUF

On July 1, the IDWF joined the IUF in a letter to Francois Holland, the President of France to "draw his attention to the commitment of the French Republic with regard to respect for human rights and the fundamental conventions of the ILO and the United Nations by all Member States of these organizations, including Qatar. "

We are concerned that in the recent visit of the Emir of Qatar to France, the President merely talked about sale of military tools, ignoring the appalling record of human rights violations of migrant workers, including domestic workers in Qatar.

NDWA: Statement on the Harris vs. Quinn Supreme Court Case Decision

30 June, 2014 | Andrea Cristina Mercado | National Domestic Workers Alliance

On Monday, June 30, 2014, the Supreme Court made a decision that threatens the fundamental right of state-funded home care workers in Illinois to make progress towards living wage jobs. The organization of home care workers has occurred over the last 30 years, by workers who diligently organized to find a pathway out of poverty toward meaningful economic opportunity. As an undervalued, under-recognized workforce, their access to wages that lift them above the poverty line and access to critical workforce training and career ladders has been a result of organizing and working together.

Sri Lanka: South Asia Domestic Workers' Workshop

29 June, 2014 | Fish Ip | Fish Ip

27-29 Jun 2014, Strategizing for domestic workers in South Asia: wage campaign and organizing, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Jointly organized by IDWF and Solidarity Centre.

Marcelina Bautista: We should promote C189's effective ratification, with implementation and compliance (Spanish only)

19 June, 2014 | Sabrina Díaz Virzi | Entremujeres | Clarin Digital

Hay más de 53 millones de trabajadoras y trabajadores del hogar en el mundo. La mayoría son mujeres que no cuentan con contrato, horarios, prestaciones o seguridad social. La mexicana Marcelina Bautista Bautista es una de las mayores luchadoras por los derechos de los empleados domésticos en la región. Entremujeres conversó con ella acerca del menosprecio social de esta actividad y de la importancia de la reglamentación de la Ley de Servicio Doméstico en Argentina.

IDWF support women workers in Ukraine

19 June, 2014 | IDWF | IDWF

The Executive Committee of the International Domestic Workers' Federation, IDWF, held its first meeting following their founding Congress on June 11 at the IUF secretariat in Geneva.

The meeting was preceded by a planning workshop with EC members and the regional coordinators. Some of the IDWF representatives participated in the ILO discussions on "Transitioning from the informal to the formal Economy" and "Strengthening action to end forced labour" respectively.

The IDWF EC expressed its solidarity with the Women's Committee of the Agro-industrial workers union in Ukraine in its continued struggle for women workers' rights and a democratic and peaceful development in the country.

Mexico: Commemorative Forum - 3 Years of the ILO Convention 189

18 June, 2014 | Marcelina Bautista | CACEH

Conmemorando 3r año de la firma del C189 de la OIT
1 Entrevista radio capital 21
2 Entrevista De Buenas tv Mexiquense
3 Foro Senado de la Republica, evento organizado en Conjunto con la FES  
4 Cartel Foro
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