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30 September, 2012 | NDWA | NDWA

For 74 years, domestic workers have been denied the basic labor protections most workers take for granted in our country.  Generations ago, when the Fair Labor Standards Act was passed guaranteeing American workers the right to minimum wage, overtime and a day of rest each week, domestic workers were excluded from those basic protections. At the time, domestic work wasn’t considered “real work”.

Today, we know that domestic work is real work — from New York to California, we know it’s the work that makes all other work possible.  It’s time to put an end to 74 years of exclusion and extend dignity, respect, and basic labor protections to domestic workers across the nation.

We are now on the verge of passing a domestic workers bill.
Please support and sign the petition.

Urge the Government of the Philippines to Ratify C189 within the next month!

16 June, 2012 | IDWN


According to the rules of the ILO, a convention adopted at the ILC needs at least two countries to ratify it within the following twelve months in order to bring it into force. It is therefore absolutely crucial that the Filipino Government acts promptly!

How you can help?

Please convey a message immediately to the Government of the Philippines to hasten the process so that the C189 will be ratified within the next three months. You may write or request a meeting to the Filipino Consulate in your country.

Press your government to ratify C189 - a model letter

2 June, 2012 | IDWN


This is a model letter for domestic workers and alliance to press the governments to ratify C189.

Or you may also download it from HERE

Cast your vote today, for Ai-Jen!

6 April, 2012 | NDWA | NDWA


It’s not often that we pause to recognize the love, courage, and hope that makes our movement possible, but as hundreds of domestic workers, employers, and allies gathered to Speak Out for Domestic Workers Rights in California and across the country Sunday April 1st, we did!

For several hours on Sunday, the Nate Holden Theatre in Los Angeles was filled with songs, chants, and inspiring stories from the domestic workers whose labor makes all other work possible.

IDWN led a delegation urging the government of the Philippines to ratify the C189 within 3 months

8 March, 2012 | IDWN
On March 8, representatives from IDWN, Global Network-Asia, Migrant Forum Asia (MFA) and Amnesty International in Manila, met with the Department of Labor and Employment of the Philippines. Elizabeth Tang, International Coordinator of the IDWN submitted a letter calling upon the Government of the Philippines to ratify the C189 within the next three months. In the meeting the Labor Secretary, Ms Baldoz and Administrator of Philippines Overseas Employment Administration, Mr. Hans Cacdac, told our delegation that approval for ratification of C189 has to wait, pending the decision of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA).

Be The Help – Win Rights and Respect for Domestic Workers

26 February, 2012 | IDWN | IDWN


As domestic workers gather at the various “Be The Help Oscar Night Viewing Parties” across the United States today, the International Domestic Workers Network (IDWN) will make an on-line submission to the Department of Labor of the U. S. government in support of the newly proposed regulations to bring overtime and minimum-wage protections to two million home-care workers in the country, and to provide basic record-keeping protections for live-in domestic workers. In addition, the IDWN called upon the California government to pass the CA Domestic Workers Bill of Rights (AB 899) in order to extend the basic labor protections to domestic workers.

On this special Oscar Night, the world will be watching to see if the acclaimed film “The Help” – which brought the lives and struggles of domestic workers to an international film audience – will receive Hollywood's highest honor. The film and its stars are contenders for several major Academy Awards: Best Supporting Actress, Best Actress and Best Film.

Solidarity Action with the Cleaners and Domestic Workers in The Netherlands

20 February, 2012 | Elizabeth Tang | IDWN


Utrecht – In The Netherlands the domestic workers are also part of the cleaners industry. At the moment they are walking together with the cleaners in the streets for a new collective agreement. They are also covered by it, but only domestic workers under agencies, this time they want to cover also domestic workers under individual employers which is the majority in The Netherlands, Rebeca Pabon reports. Their demands are:

  1. To be fully recognized as workers: In The Netherlands domestic workers are perceived as freelancers without right to access social security like pensions, sick or vacations days.
  2. Ratification of the Convention 189: So far, with the participation in the strike and in the union, domestic workers have been recognized as workers by the national cleaning employers association. Therefore, they are included in the collective agreement. However, they want the ratification of the convention in order to fully change the law and win full workers rights.

Declaration of the Conference "Respect and Rights" - Protection for domestic workers

10 November, 2006 | IRENE,  FNV Mondiaal (Netherlands), CAW, Asian Domestic Workers' Network, WIEGO | IRENE

Protection for domestic workers!!
¡Protección para trabajadoras domésticas!

International conference, held on 8-10 November 2006, at the headquarters of the FNV trade union federation, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The ICFTU/ITUC supports the organisation of this seminar.

This conference, attended by some 60 representatives of domestic/household workers’ trade unions, associations and regional/international networks, Global Unions and national trade unions, and support NGOs, from around the world:
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