CACEH celebrating 14 years of work for domestic workers


CACEH, an IDWF affiliate, is celebrating its 14 years of work for organizing, promoting and defending the rights of domestic workers. Almost 100 domestic workers came to the 14th anniversary event of Caceh.

Barbro Budin: The importance of collective strength

3 September, 2014 | Barbro Budin | Barbro Budin

Barbro Budin, Project and Gender Equality Coordinator of the IUF spoke at a side event: "Decent Work for Migrant Domestic Workers" organized by the International Labour Office (ILO) and the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), on September 3, 2014.

Jamaica: IDWF leader Shirley Pryce receives national award

31 August, 2014 | IDWF | IDWF

IDWF Exco member, Shirley Pryce is awarded the Order of Distinction by Governor General of Jamaica for her dedication to Jamaica Household Workers Union and Caribbean Domestic Workers Network.

She will receive the award on 20 Oct 2014, the National Heroes Day, at the King's House.

Cambodian Domestic Worker Network (IDEA-CDWN) workshop for new members

17 August, 2014 | CDWN | CDWN

On Aug 17 2014, Cambodian Domestic Worker Network (IDEA-CDWN) organize workshop on Trade union Rights and ILO Convention 189 for new members.

There are 6 domestic workers for foreigners employers and the other work for Cambodian employers.

FADWU meeting with Hong Kong Labor Department about wages increase

14 August, 2014 | FADWU | Phobsuk Gasing

On Aug 14, representatives of FADWU meeting with Hong Kong Labor Department about wages increase. FADWU's demand:

1. Increase the minimum allowable wages to HKD $4,500
2. Increase the amount of monthly food allowance to HKD $1,600
3. Include Migrant Domestic Workers in the coverage of the Minimum Wage Ordinance

Guinea: SYNEM press conference on disaffiliating from the trade union national centre, CNTG

13 August, 2014 | Asmaou Bah & IDWF | Asmaou Bah

SYNEM (formerlly called SYNTRAD), the domestic workers union in Guinea, an affiliate of the IDWF recently disaffiliated from the trade union national centre, CNTG and affiliated to the other centre, the ONSLG in the country.  On August 13, Asmaou Bah the General Secretary of SYNEM told the whole story at an press conference.

Asmaou is a member (alternate) of the IDWF Executive Committee and the Chair of the African Federation of Domestic Workers Network.  She founded the first domestic workers union in Guinea in 2010 and since then has been leading her union to fight for the ratification of the C189 in Guinea among other things.  We have been shocked to learn of the recent move of CNTG to block the ratification process in the government solely because SYNEM is no longer its affiliate.

USA: Domestic Workers' Champ Envisions Win-Win Future

8 August, 2014 | Elizabeth Kuhr | Women News

In July, Massachusetts became the fourth state after New York, California and Hawaii to pass a home care workers' bill of rights, which requires such things as unemployment insurance and overtime for workers.

That's all great news to the National Domestic Workers Alliance, a network of nannies, housekeepers and caretakers of elderly people that has been working since 2007 to advance public awareness of the important role these workers play in society and to advocate for better work conditions.

In two question-and-answer sessions in late July with Women's eNews, Ai-jen Poo, the group's director, talked about the current state of caregiver work and the network's efforts.

IDWF – an affiliate of the IUF and WIEGO

30 July, 2014 | IDWF | IDWF

In May this year, the IDWF affiliated to the International Union of Food, Agricultural, Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Tobacco and Allied Workers’ Associations (IUF) and, in July, to Women in Informal Employment: Globalizing and Organizing (WIEGO), thus formalizing its relationship with its two close long-standing partners.

Both the IUF and WIEGO have been instrumental in the birth and subsequent development of the IDWF – from a “Network” to a “Federation” today, as cited by the General Secretary, Elizabeth Tang in her Activity Report at the Founding Congress of the IDWF in Montevideo, Uruguay, October 2013.

South Africa domestic workers encouraged to join union

27 July, 2014 | SABC | SABC

Domestic workers have been encouraged to join the South African Domestic Service and Allied Workers Union (SADSAWU).

This has emerged at the Limpopo domestic workers' symposium in Polokwane.

Its main focus was to empower the workers by making them aware of their rights.

Mexico: Evaluation for Unpaid Work Home International Day July 22

22 July, 2014 | Centre for Support and Training for Household Employees (CACEH) | CACEH


Context on July 22

Under the International Domestic Workers Day, commemorated every July 22, the Centre for Support and Training for Household Employees (CACEH) called to assess this activity, social and public policy, since only in this way "the work of those engaged in paid domestic work is valued."

The commemoration of this day was established in 1983 during the Second Feminist Encuentro for Latin America and the Caribbean, held in Peru, with the aim of recognizing the contribution of women in households, which are often ignored.

The points discussed were: How do domestic work affects all aspects of women's lives and the opportunity to participate in the public sphere? and how the "domestic role" of women is evident in the work outside the home?
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